Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Truth about Zombies!

It's been a long time since I last posted, but I couldn't possibly resist the topic of zombies!

The Truth about Zombies

Through the means of books,
films and folklore,
We have come to associate
zombies with gore.

We think of them as
relentless and driven
With an insatiable need
to feed on the living.

But the zombies are tired
and frankly, distressed
At the public's perception
and all the bad press!

There's no denying it;
yes, they are dead,
But they claim their presence
is not something to dread.

The first misconception
is their terrible moan,
But a decomposed voice-box
makes only one tone.

Their feeding on flesh
is the second big issue,
Though they say they'd be happy
eating non-human tissue.

Being bitten and turned
is the biggest nightmare,
But they say it's genetic
and incredibly rare.

So perhaps the zombies
aren't as bad as we feared,
Though they smell pretty bad
and act a bit weird.

Now they have me convinced.
Zombies are grand.
Then one lunges forward
and grabs onto my hand!

I'm pulled to the ground,
rotted hands restrain,
But they ignore my screams
as they devour my brain.

So I roam around now
with my intestines hanging out,
Because I made the mistake
of suspending my doubt.

But that's the thing
'bout those filthy brain-suckers.
You can't trust any
of those rotten, dead fuckers!