Friday, March 9, 2012

The Things That Protect You at Night

I've been going back to basics and avoiding my MacBook Pro a lot lately and I'm loving it. I'd forgotten what it's like to try and make a marker last 'till the entire background is coloured in, haha. Anyway, I'd given up on submitting anything for this month's post until I heard the familiar sound of the Garda Horses passing my bedroom window. I wanted to do something different to my usual stuff (whether that worked or not is up for debate though) so I broke out the marker and coloured pencils. I messed about with the levels a wee bit after scanning and darkened the black ('cause thanks to the aforementioned marker-wastage it was a tad patchy), but aside from that it's 100% traditional.


  1. This makes the Garda Horse Squad look extremely cool! Where can I sign up? :D What's interesting is that in all the time I've seen GardaĆ­ on horseback I've never seen them give chase to anyone. :/

  2. I saw two mounted GardaĆ­ wake a drunk dude on Parnell st. The look of complete confusion & fright on his face as two, massive horses stared down at him was priceless!