Thursday, March 31, 2011

Plants Take Over

Woohoo got the post done and its on time!

I didn't get it finished how I had planned! Oh well!!

Plants Take Over

So I've been messing around with creating flash games this month so I hooked the two subjects up. Its limited and from tutorials by But was a fun learning curve.

Exploding Graphics and UI are from Kongregate as well, I was just running out of editing time.

Plants Take Over

stuck this month, managed to this half finished, I will finish it and post up the final draft over the next week or two

Plants are dangerous

I only realised today that it was the end of the month so this is my attempt at the monthly post. Its not at all what I had been thinking of doing but as soon as I started drawing, Mario came to mind and I just went with it :)

Plants Take Over

I knew that if I attempted to put up a drawing or painting I'd never finish it. I don't have a great track record when it comes to completing the hundreds of creative projects I start. So I was told I could do a poem instead. Here goes.....

Plants Take Over

A vine was spreading
across the land,
Growing rapidly
out of hand.

its genus unknown.
No knowledge about
from whence it had grown.

When first it appeared,
its flowers looked pretty -
Mother Nature's brightening
of Man's dingy city.

But soon there was reason
to raise the alarm,
This strange new plant
was causing some harm.

Its speed of growth
meant destruction was quick -
Streets and buildings covered
under greenery so thick.

Its tendrils expanded,
electricity went down
as the power lines choked,
bringing chaos to town.

But further it crept,
through windows and doors,
While its beautiful flowers
released poisonous spores.

Soon the screams went quiet
and the panic died down,
As the plant quashed humanity
and conquered the town.

Plants Taking Over

Deirdre de Barra

Hilary Lawler - When Plants Attack

No equipment, not even a pencil and paper, in the middle of moving...but...despite using 'paint' on a notebook I think I've managed to create a masterpiece, and will only sell to the highest bidder only of course!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Theme

Hi All,

I'm going to be late with my February post but just to get the ball rolling I thought it would be a cool theme to do "Plants taking over!".