Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Original 21st Century Hero

I was going to try something very political for my hero piece but I ran out of time and sold out to doing a quick sketch of Spiderman 2099. The original 21st century hero

21st Century Heroes

Jane Fonda rules - the woman is in her 70's and is still rockin it.

21st century heroes

i feel a bit wrong that others went for actual people and i still go for computer game characters........ oh well

21st Century Heroes

Above is cartoon I saw last month, in and around the time the SEALS got Bin Laden (duh!).  I just thought it was cool, so when anna picked the theme for this month, I thought I would do my own version of the piece. Just got informed that the artist of the original piece is J.D. Crowe.  It's such a powerful piece.

Turned out referencing these two guys was pretty tuff, couldn't find the same Helmet that's in the original one, but while looking I saw that the SEALS also used another hat so I thought I'd use that one (I was also pressed for time).  This is just my interpretation is all.  I put the two towers in the BG cause thats pretty much what I saw when I looked at the original, it's almost like America is complete again... I dunno, The cartoon really worked for me, just hope I did some kind of justice to it.

Artist Rendition of the Mr. Kipling

The ability to consistantly make awesome cakes.
The portrait of the fine man himself. Its the least I could do.

Monday, May 30, 2011

the Caped Crusader

just a loose sketch this time round

Heroes of the 21st Century

'Thanks Tina' by Elaine Snowden
I picked Tina Fey 'cause, not only did her impersonation of Sarah Palin effectively ruin her vice presidential campaign and save the world from THAT horrible prospect, but she also wrote Mean Girls :D

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crazy Hobo

Sorry it's late ( and barely started let alone almost finished), but I only got round to a concept sketch. I was playing with the idea of having one of those kellogg's crunchy nut people who has basically become a crunchy nut junkie.  This is Eric, Eric was kind of a big deal but now he just deals crunchy nut boxes. He sells off what he can to kids and takes their pocket money to buy more of the good stuff. Eric like most crunchy nuts, prefers his cereal straight from the box milk poured right in and like most crunchy nuts Eric has sold the shirt right off his back just to get his hands on some... poor Eric

I'll try n finish a post this month

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Crazy Hobo

I get a :( beside my name because Im on a few days off and I dont have time to do it at the moment. I have a sketch done, but I want to colour it! Sorry! :(

Crazy Hobo

Only one of these hobos is actually crazy, but I figure a giant japanese man who can shoot fire out of his hands is probably welcome at most hobo fires.  I also like to think that at some point in his wanderings around america, Ryu must surely have encountered the littlest hobo.

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