Friday, January 13, 2012

Eat Yourself Happy

Given my failure to post anything for the last two months, I decided to draw this up as soon as I'd settled on an image.

They may not wear spandex, but don't let that fool you. Colonel Sanders and Ronald McDonald are as evil as they come.

I've always been quite vocal about my hatred of fast food places, partly because of their treatment of animals, but mainly because their products are almost entirely devoid of nutrients. That's fine if you're the sort of person who mainly indulges in a Big Mac or a bucket of chicken tenders after a night out, or once in a blue moon, but less so if your a 'parent' who feeds their kids there multiple times a week.

I think fast food represents two of the seven deadly sins, Sloth and Gluttony. One 'cause you're too lazy to cook something decent, the other 'cause the 'food' is rarely filling so you've to eat a bucket-load to feel satisfied (or sick, in my case)


  1. Yep they're representative of sloth and gluttony to me! Really solid work too! Great character, excellent animated type style. Great stuff!

  2. great style very strong and passionate, and the 1 time i did share a bucket i was sick the next day along with everyone else, and plus i never liked mcD's. Plus i think your ronald looks like that american singer who represents mac's in the u.s, Justin Timberlake. Well done Elaine

  3. For some reason I'm craving a Big Mac right now.