Friday, July 22, 2011

Childhood hero

Alright so i figured yesterday that my main idea for the this months post is taking me a little longer to crack, so on the odd chance that it takes me a little longer to figure out than the months deadline here's something I knocked out this morning.

I think I was only kid to prefer Leo over Raph, I just thought he was the best. and when i thought about it as I was drawing this, there are some Leo and Spidey character similarities, that maybe the reason why I love both those guys. But if anyone ever aks i'll say its cause Leo had swords! :)

Tried something new with this as well. I like  the ink spatter and roughness of it all  i reckon ill do more of these in the future and also go on to take em a lot further, watch this space.

The other post im working on is obviously Spidey (there's no way I'd be leaving him out), he'll be done in a different style alltogether

"Remember what master splinter thought us" - Leonardo


  1. Raph was the bad boy, but Leo showed you can play by the rules and still be badass.

    "You aren't ready. You're impatient, and hot tempered, and more importantly... I'm better than you."

    "Oh you know something big brother? I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that one."

    (Draws Sai and beckons Leo).

    Or as my younger Brother used to say: "Tidja Midja Nidja Turtles!" Good job, man...stylishly done and a slick, clean finish. Could be you're overthinking the Spiderman thing, if this is the quality you can knock out in a morning. I find it can be hard to draw things you have an emotional investment in, because it never quite lives up to my expectations. Looking forward to seeing it.

  2. Tidja Midja Nidja Turtles!" - Dude that is fuckin Brilliant! hahahahahaha ah did some laughing there

    yeah i know what u mean,Im gonna walk away from it for a while, let it stew.

    I think its more my heavy handedness with sum digital brushes im not familiar with yet, havent really figured em out, i was hoping to grungebrush and dry brush my way through it, but i think stamps and mixing brushes are gonna get the effect im looking for better. i dunno, just gonna put it aside for a day or 2.

    and thanks a mill man! im pretty happy with this piece.

  3. Hey Ben I love your take on this! I can definitely see a resemblance to Spidey too. Love the greyscale pro marker look with the single shock of blue, really nice graphical element. It frightens me to think of where you are going to be artistically in 5 or 10 years! The future's bright.

  4. cheers Gary! Major compliment there man, thanks a mill!

    that bit of blue is actually done with the new copic marker brushes that are a new free download on the sketchbook pro. they're pretty nice. they even leave you with that heavy start and finish you get with the real pens. worth checkin out!

  5. I absolutely love this one! Nice one Ben!

  6. Leonardo all the way. The quality is excellent as usual Ben, Love it!