Thursday, June 30, 2011

So this is only my second contribution, but already I'm noticing a worrying trend in my posts... They all have the theme of the destruction of mankind! And I thought I was generally a cheery person!


The breakthrough of breakthroughs!
A wonderous sight!
Wouldn't you know it?
Michael Crichton was right!

Using advanced genetics
And experimental science,
Mankind had resurrected
Nature's ancient giants.

Caught up in their own genius,
Ploughing ahead 'cause they could.
Not once did they pause
To consider if they should.

But of course! You've guessed it -
Their creations escaped!
The apocalypse is here...

Despite attempted cover-ups,
Panic quickly grew,
As the populous realised
The rumours were true!

Most species were herbivores
Which allowed some relief,
But a DNA mishap
Was to worsen Man's grief...

For vegetation no longer
Sated these beasts,
And they joined their brethren
In human meat feasts!

With so abundant a food source,
These reptiles could thrive
Whilst terrified people
Fought hard to survive.

Cities and villages -
All of them fell,
And the half-eaten corpses
Caused one hell of a smell!

Thankfully on land
The dinosaurs remained,
So this murderous outbreak
Was somewhat contained.

Of course, it was awful!
So tragic and sad!
But it's only one continent,
So it wasn't too bad!