Saturday, June 11, 2011


So I was pretty sly this month, managed to knock out a monthly post with a well over due favour for a friend of mine.  My mate does a lot of racing and he asked me before Christmas would I do some kind of dinosaur design for his racing helmet. So months n months later here it is. Sorry mate, turns out I don't have as much time as I thought I did.  At least u get the rest of the racing season out of it.

His racing helmet is white so I kept the bg white and the rest of his racing gear is red so, red felt like the right colour for the dinosaur.

Above is a test with a font and the bottom is a bigger version of the raptor for the blogs sake.  Nice and early with the monthly post this month so anything else I post will be bonus points!

This is the main graph for the helmet I should get the finished design up after a bit more work with my m8, maybe by the end of the month... I've kept him waiting long enough.

below is iteration1, on the big dinosaur head i painted in a scaly texture just to add a bit o life to it. Obviously its no longer gonna b a white helmet


  1. Very clever Ben! On an unrelated note, I have an idea for next months topic, everyone needs to submit a website design for the taxi company down the road from me...

  2. hahahaha... sure was a sly one!

  3. ha! nice one Jon. Yep, that was well sly you auld dog - but at least you came clean with it! Nice graphics for the dino, well cool.