Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sweeney Todd

I had some trouble getting this right.  I don't think I quite got it though. Ah sure I like the colors at least.

Just so ya know. I painted  this in watercolour on A1 Fabriano paper.  I created the blotted effect on the walls and ground with salt. It was taking too long to build up the darkness in watercolour, so when I was happy enough with it I photographed it in 4 sections, photo stitched and applied some filters. :)


  1. that is nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!but awesome!!!well done

  2. The film is nuts, so much it influenced my impressionable mind to make this painting. I suppose, at least it didn't inspire me to kill. :P

  3. A-MAZING Andrew! That is fantastic! :) As Sophia said, nuts, but brillant!