Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nosce Te Ipsum

How well do you know yourself, collective thinkers?  Here is my challenge to you - every day for the rest of the month, do one quick self portrait in any medium you like.  At the end of the month pick your favourite and post it....and a compilation image of thumbnails of the other 27, so we we know you didn't cheat.

Oh quit grumbling, February's a short month.

Hmm, should have made the title "28 faces later".  Dang.



  1. I missed this until today!! No fair! I missed two days!!!!

  2. i only saw it yday myself, but im jus gonna do a few over the weekend and catch up

  3. as i'm a busy bee, i will be taking 28days to draw a small line each day so that it amounts to a picture that may or may not resemble me...fingers crossed!! : )

  4. Brian the last thing Jonathan needs is a bit of encouragement