Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Loveavble Rouge

Bit late here, sorry I'm working on a book of my own at the moment so work on this blog has kinda taken a back seat. This is Barbara Thorson, if you do not know the splendor of this loveable rougue, then check out a book called "I KILL GIANTS" you will be happy you did ;)


  1. Nice inking on this. looking forward to the book...do you have a writer or are you handling that yourself? That's the hardest part - for me anyway.

  2. really nice Ben, ill have to check out the book.

  3. i have a writer but im giving writing a go myself this time. but since im very aware that i am a much stronger draughtsman than a writer i'll be running everything i do past my m8. i never feel that just cause i can draw means i can write, i hate artists that think they can and get it sooooo wrong. its def the hardest part for me too, i have a load of ideas but making them into a tight well structured story is always something ive struggled with.

    Just to clarify here this is no character of my own im just a fan..