Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mythology with a Modern Day Twist- Cuchulainn

Okay so it's another collective thinking blog post and it's another new style im trying out. I tried it with Spidey last month but I couldn't really get my head around it, I think it's starting to click with me now though.  As soon as I started painting over mistakes rather than erasing them it all started to work out. I'll definitely do a few more of these, I really enjoyed it, and it's always great to learn a new style. Lots o fun to do and pretty handy to have professionally.

Here is Cuchulainn. I freakin Love Cuchulainn! I've been drawing him and reading about him since before I can remember. But I've never drawn him like this. Actually before I drew this I would have thought it to be near blasphemy to produce something like this about Cuchulainn. Well here we are, the piece is finished and I actually kinda like it, so it cant be that blasphemous.

My original idea about this was to have a close up on him sitting down with "Gae Bolga" ingraved into his gun.  Gae Bolga was the name of his spear,  it was a weapon that pretty much killed whoever and smashed through whatever got in its way.  I really wanted to involve it in my painting and since I've been looking at a load of Ashley Wood lately I thought what a better way to involve it than as a big honking robot. And with the Ashley Wood influence so to came the Steampunk style.

Hope you like it!Until the next post, laters!



  1. Wow Ben! Love this piece, the palette, the style, the mood, all good!This new style of painting is really working for you and you should definitely keep it up. Gold star for you. :)

  2. wow cheers Gary, well its like u said at the last collective meeting. a good concept artist is supposed to be pretty fluent in styles so I'm just trying to learn some new stuff.

  3. Aw, my previous comment didn't come up! Ben, this is lovely - love the tones and the robot especially. Cool job. :)